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Surfacex specializes in concrete floor coatings in the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors since 2009.

Industrial floor coatings are tested across the board: heavy or light traffic from rolling equipment, physical shocks, repeated movement from lift trucks, aggressive chemicals or high pressure washing.

Some environments, like food production facilities, pharmaceutical labs or water pollution control plant, need floor surfaces that can adapt to extreme variations in temperature.

Industrial floor coatings must be waterproof and slip-resistant to ensure worker safety while meeting high health and hygiene standards linked to different sectors of business activity.

As production stoppages can be costly for our clients, our Surfacex professionals will suggest high quality floor coatings that offer exceptional resistance and durability.

After evaluating the work that has to be done, our appraisers will determine which surface preparation and application processes are appropriate for your plant, lab or commercial kitchen floor, depending on everyday and long-term usage. They will recommend the best finish to make maintenance easier.

Thanks to our great expertise, acquired with thousands of residential clients since 2004, Surfacex will be able to guide you in the planning and fast execution of the labour, saving you time and money.

We have all the necessary equipment to use on the floors so they are ready to be treated and we can limit the impact on surrounding areas (diamond grinding machine, shot blasting machine, high quality industrial vacuum cleaner to minimize dust, etc.).

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