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No matter what system you choose, surface preparation is a crucial step to carry out before applying a new coating. Cleaning the floor, polishing, repairing the damaged slab or sealing any cracks insures having a good base to yield an exceptional and durable result.

Three methods are recommended by our Surfacex professionals to give the surface the CSP (Concrete Surface Profile) required for the application of the selected coating.

Diamond grinding

Diamond grinding cleans the floor by removing all previously applied coatings and encrusted residues like adhesives, paint or epoxy.

By using this process, the Surfacex experts grind out floor unevenness, repair scratches, polish the surface and ensure a uniform area.

According to the ICRI (International Concrete Repair Institute) scale, diamond grinding provides a CSP 1 or CSP-2 profile.

Shot blasting

To thoroughly clean the floor, the Surfacex professionals can use shot blasting, a technique also known as “Blastrac”.

During this procedure, steal microbeads are shot at high speed on the concrete. The blasting causes a slight fragmentation of the surface: the pores of the concrete open up to increase its coarseness or to maximize product adhesion.

No dust is released in the air during the operation because, after impact, the beads go back into the machine and the residue is automatically vacuumed.

Shot blasting provides a CSP-3 or CSP-4 profile.


Scarification helps prepare the surface by swiftly removing 1/8-inch to 2-inch layers of concrete.

This technique is recommended to eliminate bumps on an uneven surface or to remove thick layers of epoxy. This process is also used before applying a layer of self-levelling concrete, e.g. when a customer wants a new, flat and even concrete surface.

The Surfacex professionals will prepare your surface with a concrete scarifier. This device is equipped with several blades that break up the surface. This process will leave shallow grooves on the concrete so that products can better adhere to the surface.

According to the ICRI scale, scarification provides a CSP-5 or CSP-6 profile.

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