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Indoor concrete parking garages, both underground and multi-storey, face many challenges and must be protected. They are easily damaged by:

  • Wear and tear
  • Abrasions
  • Aggressive chemical agents
  • Water and salt infiltration
  • Air pollutants
  • Extreme temperature variations

To prevent damage, the concrete must be protected by a parking surface membrane or waterproofing membrane. In the case of multi-storey parking lots, a waterproofing membrane will serve as an in-between layer to protect the lower floors from possible water damage.

Whether for a new or existing parking garage, the Surfacex team offers solid and durable coatings that protect the concrete as a whole.

What is a Parking Surface Membrane System?

A parking surface membrane, garage membrane or waterproofing membrane is an epoxy-based system designed to waterproof areas with heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

More specifically, a parking surface membrane increases the performance and adhesion of finishes, waterproofs the surface and is resistant to abrasions, acids, oils, chemicals, and UV rays.

Application of this type of system is best for:

  • Multi-storey garages
  • Underground garages
  • Commercial indoor parking lots
  • Commercial outdoor sidewalks

What Properties Should Your Parking Surface Have?

Your interior parking surface should have the following:

  • High degree of resistance to abrasions caused by vehicular traffic
  • Non-slip properties for safe circulation (pedestrians and vehicles)
  • Compatibility with concrete repair and protection techniques and materials
  • Tolerance to temperature variations, humidity and de-icing salts

The coating chosen must also allow joints to be sealed, contribute to the reinforcement of the structure and reduce the risk of corrosion.

What Are The Advantages of a Parking Surface Membrane?

In addition to offering excellent resistance to chlorides, which increases the life of steel reinforcements, this waterproofing membrane also offers great chemical resistance to gasoline, diesel fuel, oil, alcohol, de-icing salt, etc.

The treatment must be flexible enough to allow the movement of the above ground level supports and must also have good crack-bridging capability to prevent the infiltration of water and de-icing salts into the slab.

Some of the many advantages of a parking surface membrane include:

  • Waterproof coating
  • Ideal for structural slabs, multi-level parking lots and underground garages
  • Resistant to abrasions, chemicals, wear and friction
  • Increased performance and adhesion of epoxy and polyurethane finishes and mortars.
  • Easy to clean and dust free

Surfacex specializes in commercial and industrial work. Our experts will offer the best solutions to protect your investment.

Parking Line Marking Service

Although we do not offer a parking line marking service, we can recommend experts in the field.

A quality coating combined with precise line marking increases the ergonomics of the space, helps users find their way easily and secures the structure of the parking lot.

In addition to installing the parking surface membrane, Surfacex can also inject epoxy and polyurethane into cracks caused by, among other things, freezing and thawing, to prevent water and oils from seeping in.

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