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Epoxy represents an ideal solution for large commercial and industrial spaces such as retail stores, factories, institutional buildings, showrooms or parking facilities.

In addition to being pleasing to the eye aesthetically with its shiny finish, epoxy coating offers an excellent price-quality ratio. It represents one of the more affordable and durable options on the market.

This high-end product is easy to clean and doesn’t gather dust.

Epoxy applies like a sleek, jointless coating, which gives it outstanding impermeability to water and oil while offering good resistance to wear, abrasion, and chemical and gas spills.

This finish is also a great option for cold sites and sanitary facilities because of the polymer’s outstanding resistance to mushrooms and mould.

Epoxy is an environmentally friendly product. The two-component, fully solid resin-based epoxy coating contains no solvents. It also meets LEED certification standards.

This finish works for all surfaces and offers high adherence to existing concrete floors with adequate preparation.

Epoxy—the preferred solution for parking facilities

Epoxy’s impermeability and high resistance to chemicals, abrasion and friction resulting from high vehicle traffic make it the go-to option for your commercial or industrial parking facility.

The coating can be applied on floor slabs. Additionally, the product’s high density prevents dirt from penetrating it, thus facilitating the membrane’s maintenance. You will be able to keep your parking facilities squeaky clean!

Parking area membranes—Impermeabilization

Multistorey concrete parking garages are easily damaged by wear, abrasion, aggressive chemicals, water and salt infiltration, air pollutants and extreme weather variations.

You can avoid these problems by applying a seamless impermeable membrane to protect concrete against damage caused by freeze thaw cycles and preserve the lower floors from water damage.

That membrane offers excellent resistance to chloride, which increases the lifetime of steel reinforcements. It also offers outstanding chemical resistance to protect against products running down from parking decks, including gas, diesel, oil, alcohol, ice melters, etc.

The treatment must be flexible enough to allow the structure to move above ground level and must also have good crack-bridging capacity to prevent water and ice melter ingress in the slab.

  • Impermeable coating
  • Ideal structural slabs and multistorey parking garages
  • Chemical, wear and friction resistant
  • Easy to clean and dust free

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