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Surfacex has made a name for itself in the commercial floor coating and surfacing industry because of the quality of its products, but also because of its expertise and excellent service honed with thousands of residential clients since 2004.

In the past 10 years, Surfacex has established itself in the commercial flooring industry. When changing your commercial floor coating, various industry-specific factors must be taken into account. Whether it’s the repetitive movement of lift trucks, constant traffic from clients or employees, time constraints for executing the work or health and hygiene standards, these restrictions will affect your decision on which coating to choose.

Our Surfacex experts are well aware of the realities of your industry. They will suggest a clean coating solution offering an improved look, as well as anti-dust properties. You will get a waterproof, safe and non-slip surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Our professionals will advise you on a custom-made finish that meet the specific requirements of your business.

Our team is also dedicated to complete the work quickly to minimize the impacts on your clients.

By choosing Surfacex, you are making sure you are getting a high-quality floor coating with superior durability, all while ensuring peace of mind knowing that the work is handled by an experienced team.

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