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Polished concrete: a surface that shines through

Do you want to modernize your business or home?
Why not choose the latest trend in the flooring industry: polished concrete.

Aesthetically … brilliant!

Polished concrete offers good wear resistance and is easy to clean. Trolleys don’t leave marks on this surface. You’ll like the dust-free finish and anti-slippage properties, even on a wet floor. This environmentally friendly and affordable material stands apart from other types of coatings by offering superior longevity.


Diamond grinding
After an appraisal, the Surfacex team will visit your home or business to proceed with the diamond grinding of the floor.

This process allows for the smoothing of all floor unevenness by removing coatings that were previously applied. With this procedure, you can also remove flaking parts of the concrete surface, known as laitance, to expose the underlying layer, which is stronger and more resistant.

Our specialists, using our state-of-the-art equipment, will grind the entire surface at least 4 times to make it as smooth as possible. (Grinding with metal bond diamonds, 16, 40, 80 and 200 grit)

Applying a densifier and hardener

A densifier will then be applied on the entire surface to reinforce the concrete. This lithium-based product helps the floor withstand heavy traffic and calcium residue.


To remove grinding marks and reach the desired finish (satin, semi-polished, polished and highly polished), our experts will polish the floor several times. (Polishing with resin-bonded diamonds, 100, 200, 400, 800 and 1500 grit)

The more we polish, the more the surface will become glossy, reflect light and be resistant to dirt and streaks.


Our qualified teams can polish a 500-square-foot surface on average per day. All dust produced by the diamond grinding technique is immediately vacuumed, which means less residue and inconvenience for our customers. That is not the case for all types of coatings.

Colourful floor

Polished concrete offers a multitude of colours and designs adaptable to all decors, giving the customer a wide array of choices, from vibrant colours to more classical tones.

Before applying the densifier, a semitransparent colouring is added to the product, creating a beautiful result. The floor is lightly tinted but still offers the raw beauty of the concrete underneath.

In addition to colour, the depth of grinding plays an aesthetic role. By making the quantity of exposed stone in the concrete more or less visible, we can create an array of visual effects and transform any environment. One of our representatives can discuss the patterns possible with you during our first visit.


Nothing is easier to clean than a polished concrete floor! A residential floor can be cleaned with water and a pH neutral soap.

For greater surfaces like commercial or industrial floors, we recommend cleaning with a scrubber-dryer, also with water and a pH neutral soap.

In a busy environment, resin-bonded grinding with a 1500 grit, the last step of the process, can be repeated every five years to maintain the floor gloss.

You now have a glossy high-end floor that can look brand new indefinitely!

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