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Methyl methacrylate, also known as MMA, is recognized on the market for its superior quality and durability and features among the choice products for architects.

Setting in under an hour

This coating is in a class of its own, particularly because of its extremely quick setting time, which is just a fraction of the time needed by other technologies. Forty-five minutes after the last application, businesses can resume their normal activities, which significantly reduces work stoppages and allows for important time and cost savings.

The setting is so fast that heavy loads can be moved on the surface less than an hour after application.

Even in extreme temperatures, methyl methacrylate setting time is fast, which makes it the ideal system for refrigerated rooms and warehouses.

Methyl methacrylate application

This groundbreaking technology needs four layers. Surfacex professionals will first apply the primer, then the base layer. They will then spread vinyl flakes or quartz aggregates on the surface to obtain the desired colour and texture before applying two more finishing layers. Methyl methacrylate coating allows for a wide range of colour and texture options for the customers. The colours will remain stable even if they are exposed to UV rays.

Exceptional durability

This system also distinguishes itself by its excellent durability. This solvent-free resin formula is designed to be compatible with underlying methyl methacrylate components that are part of the floor.

If, after 10 years, the customer wishes to refurbish a surface, the Surfacex experts just have to spread a solvent on the floor to open the pores. They then apply a new coat of methyl methacrylate, which will integrate the existing surface, thereby creating just one layer. That way, we can avoid the peeling that can happen with other kinds of coatings.

The system is also easy to clean and requires no waxing or sanding.

Healthcare facilities, stadiums, loading and unloading zones, supermarkets and other businesses that have constant workflow can benefit greatly from methyl methacrylate flooring.

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