What are the best options for healthcare flooring?

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Healthcare flooring must meet certain requirements in terms of waterproofing, security, and maintenance. Polyurea and epoxy finishes are two options that are perfectly adapted to these needs. Here’s a look at the essential characteristics of hospital floors.

Polyurea and epoxy finishes are two options that are perfectly adapted to hospitals.

 They must be low maintenance and sanitary

Hygiene is a major concern for healthcare institutions and choosing the right construction materials is therefore of the utmost importance. Floors that are not waterproof can host germs and expose hospital staff and patients to infections. Epoxy and polyurea finishes are waterproof options that can be applied without joints – another potential source of germs – and are perfectly sanitary. What’s more, they offer a dust-free and clean surface, that is low maintenance and resistant to chemical and corrosive products.

They must be heavy-duty and shock resistant

Hospital floors do not have it easy! They have to support heavy equipment, intensive cleaning operations and 24/7 traffic. In order to withstand shock, they must be both heavy-duty and flexible. Polyurea and epoxy floor finishes respond to all these criteria.

They must be safe

A non-slip floor is essential to preventing accidents. Whether you opt for a polyurea or epoxy finish, your concrete floor will benefit from a polyaspartic and polycarbamide coating. This film has an orange peel-like texture that helps reduce slips.

Surfacex concrete floor covering specialists will determine the most appropriate finish and advise you of any floor preparation and installation requirements based on their evaluation of your working environment, be it hospital, factory, laboratory, or commercial kitchen. Whatever their appraisal, the Surfacex team has all the necessary equipment to prepare your concrete floor for the chosen finish (diamond grinder, blast track, industrial sweep, etc.).


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