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 It’s your turn to host the Christmas party, which means gathering all your colleagues and friends at your place! While it’s a lovely initiative, how will you welcome everyone over without having your home upended? The answer is in your garage! It’s already the best place for your teenagers’ parties, so why not yours as well?

Six Reasons to Host Your Christmas Party in the Garage:

  • Cleaning the floor will be easy, as a garage floor is more stain resistant.
  • Any fragile possessions will be safe, far away from all the revelry.
  • You can transform your garage into a dance floor.
  • You won’t have to move your dining or living room furniture around to make room for
  • If some of your family members go to bed early, they’re less likely to be disturbed by noise from the garage.
  • You won’t be greeted by a big mess the next morning!

Let the Christmas Magic Inside

While the garage is ideal for practical reasons, it’s also true that it isn’t the most inviting place in the house. But Christmas spirit can reign wherever it’s summoned! Here are some tips to help create holiday magic:

  • Decorate the entire space with Christmas lights for a glowing, festive ambience.
  • Place candles all over the table— pine scents are perfect for the holiday season!
  • Hang pine branches from the ceiling with red tape.
  • Don’t feel like dining surrounded by tools and storage boxes? Cover the walls with drapes or sheets to add warmth to the room.
  • Don’t forget the star of the party: the Christmas tree, of course!

Make Your Floor Rock Out!

Christmas parties with colleagues and friends usually make for happy memories. More so thanfood, we remember all the fun!

If it’s the first time you’re hosting everyone together, think of several icebreakers and make sure you have plenty of ideas for activities! A good one is to have a dance floor ready. Set up a disco ball and a list of songs that will have everyone moving. Your garage floor isn’t in any danger, as it’s shock-resistant and can support the weight of a car! Do your friends prefer games? Get out the Twister mat and make the most of all the space!

The whole Surfacex team wishes you the best of luck for your party. Happy holidays!

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