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You’ve probably started the year with many a resolution to get more exercise, but aren’t too excited about a gym membership. Admit it: you’re thinking about creating your own private gym, maybe in that garage or basement you’re not really using. Before you begin, however, ask yourself a few important questions.

Is my floor suitable for a gym space?

There are three essential criteria to consider. Your floor needs to be:

  1. Resistant

A gym space that allows for a full-body, six-pack-honing workout usually requires equipment that can weigh a ton. A garage is well-suited for this, since it’s usually fitted with a solid concrete floor (it can support the weight of a car). If you’re thinking of setting up your exercise room in your basement, however, make sure the floor can support the weight of all your equipment.

  1. Flexible

You could easily drop a dumbbell, weight or kettlebell during an intense training session, so your floor needs to be flexible enough to absorb the shock. You can have a polyaspartic and polycarbamide coating added to your floor to reinforce its flexibility.

  1. Waterproof

Another important factor is whether your floor is waterproof or not. Rooms like the garage and basement are usually prone to high levels of humidity, which can be bad for both your equipment and your health. Make sure that your space is properly insulated.

If your floors need to be renovated, keep these three criteria in mind: flexibility, water-tightness, resistance to weight and shock. Polyurea and epoxy floor finishes meet all three.

Think comfort

If you’ve ever trained intensely before, you’ll know how important fresh, cool air is both during and after a session. Install an air-conditioner: you’ll be happy you did.

Thinking of renovating your garage floor in the new year? Get advice from one of our flooring specialists.

Turn your garage or basement into a gym. Sources : Houzz.es

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