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Embarking on floor renovation often brings up a lot of questions. Where to start? What are the best materials to use? What exactly are they used for? This guide is there to enlighten you and guide your thinking.

The type of floor

There are many solutions for your floor coverings: wood, ceramic and concrete are all popular choices. Concrete is also all the rage today thanks to practical and stylish coating products such as epoxy or polyurea. These two products also act as a sealant: they provide protection and ensure the watertightness of the concrete surface, while adding a gloss to the floor.

How is a concrete floor finished?

Many steps precede the final floor covering to ensure a perfect finish:

  • Checking the surface: it must be clean and dry.
  • Mechanical abrasion of the surface: scratch the concrete to ensure the full adhesion of the covering material.
  • Sandblasting: Removing all traces of grease, dirt, coatings, or any substance that could adversely affect the adhesion of the floor covering material.
  • Applying a primer: If the surface is porous, the concrete is damaged or if it’s a basement (usually humid), the primer allows sealing the concrete slab thoroughly. Polymer concrete is used to fill larger holes or level concrete slabs.
  • Floor covering application: this is the final step. For a garage, a covering in vinyl chips is the most tasteful choice. For living rooms, an epoxy-based coating offers a warmer appearance.

How much drying time?

A polyurea floor covering is made in one day. It dries in 12-24 hours for epoxy and polyurea.

Do you have other questions about concrete flooring products and techniques? Our floor covering specialists will be happy to answer you.

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