Why choose epoxy and polyurea?

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Are you considering renovations in your garage, warehouse or residence and is flooring part of your projects? Before making your decision, ask about the different options available to you.

The advantages of a concrete floor

When we talk about concrete floors, the words that immediately come to mind are: solidity, durability and resistance. Furthermore, concrete is also an excellent conductor of heat, so you can integrate an electric heating system into your concrete floor. For added comfort and aestheticism, meet epoxy and polyurea.

Both products are considered real gems in the commercial and industrial sectors because they fulfill an impressive number of key criteria: resistance to shocks and weight, ease of maintenance, waterproofing, safety, etc. More and more customers also favour them for their trendy appearance.

A look that’s all the rage

Appreciated by design enthusiasts, epoxy offers a polished and shiny appearance that blends perfectly with a modern, contemporary or industrial-style interior. It’s also extremely popular in the commercial sector, emphasizing the merchandise with its sparkling side and creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that’s always very appreciated by the clientele.

Anti-slip, waterproof, shock and weight resistant, polyurea is a high-tech product that is popular in specific environments such as factories or hospitals, for example, or for exterior flooring such as terraces, balconies, or other layouts. Like epoxy, polyurea is an aesthetic choice with a wide variety of finishes and colours.

There are all sorts of floor coverings, but few are able to meet all the criteria, combining aesthetics, durability, waterproofing and durability.

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