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Parking floor has very specific characteristics, particularly if they’re dedicated to commercial use. Are you thinking of building or renovating a parking area? Here are five things you should know about this kind of floor.

They endure a lot of use

Of course, the continuous passing of cars gradually deteriorates floor surface. Parking floor areas undergo particularly serious degradation in winter – the salt used as anti-skid can be very harmful and compromise the durability of the surface if it isn’t well protected.

Ease of maintenance is key

As commercial parking areas welcome large numbers of vehicles every day, and must therefore be regularly cleaned, it’s better if they’re easy and quick to maintain.

They must be safe

In the commercial sector as well as at home, the surface of the parking area should be non-skidding. All our floor covering products have the maximum adherence to the floor.

Concrete is the best option

Whatever its size, a parking area must be covered by asphalt, concrete or stones, but not gravel. The best option is concrete, as it considerably minimizes sodium penetration, used to make snow and ice melt on winter roads.

Some floor coverings are specially designed for these floors

Surfacex offers protecting membranes especially designed for commercial parking floors. Perfectly adapted to structural slabs and multilevel parking, they are waterproof and resistant to chemical products, use and friction. They’re also easy to maintain and dust-free.

To learn about the norms and specificities regarding setting up a parking area, get in touch with your borough’s Division de la gestion du territoire.

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