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What are next year’s decor and design trends? What colours would work in my interior? How can I make my home beautiful, practical and cozy? When it’s time to give new life to your interior, these are the kinds of questions that keep coming up and we hear you.

 Surfacex has the solutions for your new and personalized, stylish interior design, one that matches your Surfacex epoxy concrete floor.

 What’s the secret for a zen interior that’ll keep you happy long-term?

It’s all in the details!


Beware of colours that are too striking or intense for your walls or concrete floor, they could get old fast.

Concrete floors are a must this year and Surfacex has a wide array of colours for you to choose from. You could even try a matte-finish, it’s becoming more popular than glossy.

Complement the beautiful colours of your floor with some pastel colours on the walls. Bright and gentle tones will make your rooms look more spacious. For example, Surfacex’s Caramel floor colour, #331, would look great with a light blue pastel. If blue isn’t your cup of tea, try a sea-green or dusty rose.

 In brief, combine the warm and timeless colour of your floor with a light and airy wall colour.

Focus on the details

It’s all in the details. Don’t be afraid to match your doorknobs with the rest of the decor, to subtly highlight with colours here and there, while keeping in mind that your home isn’t a showcase and should stay functional!

Don’t forget the accessories

Dare to accessorize with vivid colours (but less is more) to give that “pop” of colour to your interior. A lovely yellow throw pillow on the sofa, a painting with hints of red on the wall, or an apple-green rug on the floor…

And the garage?

 If you are feeling lost and don’t know how to make over your garage, why not turn to the knowledgeable Pimp My Garage team! Surfacex is a proud partner of the popular TV show.

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