Floor Resurfacing 101: Steps in Production

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At Surfacex, we use our skilled expertise to make sure you are completely satisfied. Would you like to know more about the work our employees put into your concrete flooring?

Here is a basic description of the steps in production we follow.

Step 1: Preparing the floor

First, we assess the condition of the existing concrete in order to select the right treatment. Then, the surface is polished either mechanically or using a diamond grinder so the polymer will better adhere to the concrete. Polishing also removes any small imperfections in the floor. We can also repair cracks and level your floor if necessary.

Step 2: Applying the epoxy primer

This step is necessary in order to even out porous surfaces and to protect floors that are exposed to humidity, like in the basement.

Step 3: Applying the coloured coating

If you’d like a coloured coating (polyaspartic), Surfacex has an extensive range of colours. Click here to view your options.

Step 4 (optional): Spreading coloured vinyl granules

These granules solidify the coating and give it a non-slip finish, which is recommended in industrial garages and high-traffic commercial areas.

Step 5: Applying a clear coat

Next, we apply a transparent coat to protect your surface. Aluminium oxide powder can be added to provide a non-slip finish.

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