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Surfacex’s collaboration with TV show Pimp Mon Garage has given us the opportunity to sit down with designer Emilie Cerretti. She talks to us about her experience, her passion for working on the show and shares her thoughts on Surfacex’s partnership with Pimp My Garage.

 Surfacex: On the show that you co-host with Frédéric Charpentier, you have total freedom to “pimp” garages. How do you come up with new ideas every time?

Emilie Cerretti: I’m currently working on my 47th garage and they are all very different! I create a design concept based on the homeowner’s tastes, while keeping in mind their storage needs. Since everyone’s needs are different, my ideas are also always different!

 Surfacex: Completely reinventing a room and changing the way it’s used must be very inspiring for a designer?

 Emilie Cerretti: One hundred percent! What’s even more interesting is that a garage becomes a “non-traditional” room. Kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms stay timeless, whereas with a garage you can really let your imagination go wild… Sort of like with a child’s bedroom or a games room.

 S: So, working with a garage theme isn’t more complicated than working on other rooms of a house?

 E.C.: No, not at all, it’s a room like any other. You just need to adapt the materials and coatings that are used.

S: Do you think that having a feminine vision and input are important for a show like Pimp Mon Garage?

E.C.: I think so! Men tend to focus on the practical side of the space, whereas I bring a harmony and the fine details of the decor, which makes for garages that stand out. Our skills are very complementary!

 S: If you had to choose the most beautiful design you’ve created since you’ve worked on the show, which one would it be?

E.C.: It would be impossible to choose just one! But I really like the “man caves,” the sports bar and painting studio.

S: On a more personal note, if you had to “pimp” your own garage, what would it look like?

E.C.: I would turn it into a soundproof party room, with a whole section for a DJ booth that could be transformed into a gym during the day for my boyfriend!

S: Why was Surfacex chosen as a partner for your garage floors?

E.C.: For the efficiency of its products, the choice of finishes available and the speedy work!

S: What is the main advantage of using epoxy in your designs?

E.C.: The product’s resistance and the fact that we can dye it whatever colour we want are two advantages that I really appreciate.

 S: Epoxy has now moved beyond the garage and is used, more and more, in other rooms of the house. Why do you think that this material has become so popular over the last few years?

E.C.: The industrial design trend is showing up everywhere. So, polished concrete with an epoxy finish is the perfect touch!

S: Thanks so much for this interview Emilie Cerretti! Keep up the amazing work and continue to inspire us with your superb designs!

Remember, Pimp Mon Garage is on every Wednesday at 11 a.m. and 10 p.m. on Canal Vie. As for Surfacex, we are open for business from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in and around Montreal. 😉

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