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Whether you have epoxy or polyurea-based industrial floors, regular maintenance will help keep it intact. Additionally, in heavily regulated environments like factories, hygiene standards are stringent, and clean industrial floors reduce the risk of accidents. It also creates a more pleasant environment and promotes productivity. But what is the best way to clean industrial floors? Should you mop or sweep them? Good question!

 Maintenance products for industrial floors

Whether finished in epoxy or polyurea, a concrete floor does not attract dust and is easy to clean. Avoid using corrosive cleaning products. Instead, choose a product with a neutral pH that can be used on heavy-duty floors for all kinds of industries, such as the agri-food industry for example.

What kind of cleaning?

If you have a large floor surface to clean, it’s definitely better to mechanize the process. Here are some solutions you can use:

  • Mechanical brooms
  • Automatic floor scrubbers
  • A combined automatic mopping and sweeping device – the ultimate cleaning machine

The right solution for you depends on several factors. You must ask yourself these questions first:

  • How dirty does the floor get every day?
  • What kind of dirt is it? (a chemical treatment facility, for instance, will need special cleaning)
  • Are there regulations for your production sector? (a pharmaceutical lab will not have the same cleaning needs as a woodworking factory)
  • And finally, what is your cleanliness objective?

The table below can help you evaluate your maintenance needs.


If the activity at your factory creates frequent and hard-to-remove stains, choose the sweep-and-mop combo. To remove dust, you can simply sweep the floor. In this context, a mechanical device isn’t the best choice, as it adds water. If your factory surface is large, an automatic floor washer with a cylindrical brush is particularly effective, as it covers a wide cleaning area.

what is the best way to clean industrial floors?

Machine size

The width of the passageways in your warehouse will determine the size of your cleaning machine. According to the MCI, “an operator with a 20-inch machine (broom or automatic mop) will need to go back and forth five times to sweep or mop an eight-foot wide aisle, while an operator with a 34” device will only need three.

For more information on how to maintain your polyurea or epoxy warehouse floor, ask one of our Surfacex concrete floor coating experts.

Source: MCI, the industrial circuit magazine

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