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Your epoxy- or polyurea-finished concrete floor is a low-maintenance dust-free surface. It’s also exceptionally durable, waterproof and resistant to oil and corrosive products. All of this makes its cleaning and maintenance much easier.

In fact, caring for your concrete floor couldn’t be simpler.

3 steps to a clean floor

  1. Sweep or vacuum the floor, including all corners and edges, to remove any dust.
  2. Mop the floor with a mild soap solution. Some products are better than others, so don’t hesitate to ask our Surfacex advisors for tips. Avoid detergents, as they can damage your floor and leave an unpleasant greasy film.
  3. All that’s left is to let it dry!


 If you work in the commercial or industrial sector, remember to place one or more “Wet Floor” signs to prevent accidents.

epoxy treated floor

How to keep maintenance simple

For a concrete floor that’s even more durable and low-maintenance, ask for a sealing coat to be applied when your floor is installed. For polyurea floors, Surfacex technicians will apply a thick layer of polycarbamide, which makes cleaning and maintenance even easier. As with polyurea-finished concrete floors, epoxy floors also benefit from a coating that makes them resistant to corrosive chemicals. This is particularly helpful in factory settings.

Have other questions about maintaining your concrete floors? Feel free to contact one of our Surfacex franchises!


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