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You’ve just updated your garage with no-fuss epoxy or polyurea flooring. Now it’s time to make it a fully functional space. Here are some handy tips on storing your equipment, tools and everything else.

  1. Free up floor space to prevent accidents

A ton of things pile up in the garage each season. In spring and summer, it’s usually gardening equipment like trowels and hoes; in the fall it’s rakes; and in winter, it’s huge snow shovels. These tools can easily cause an accident if they’re simply propped up against a wall. Our solution: secure wooden wall racks that will keep your tools from falling over.

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  1. Hang things up to make more room

Ever considered a ceiling-mounted rack or shelves? It’s an excellent storage solution! Install one and you’ll be able to move things up and out of the way. Take bikes for example. Come winter, you often don’t know where to store them without them getting in the way. Why not suspend them from a ceiling rail? Wooden boards, camping gear, folding chairs, ladders…just imagine the space you could save by hanging them all overhead!768597b25009e480ed1bfab113b93a6a

  1. Recycle objects into handy storage solutions!

Are you a DIYer at heart? Do you dream of having your own workshop? Just set up a workspace in your garage! There are a host of great storage solutions for your tools. And they usually take the form of everyday objects: jam jars, sardine cans, plastic bottles. Use them to store brushes, nails, screws, and all the rest of your paraphernalia. Don’t forget to label your containers to make them easier to identify.

  1. Install a coatrack!

The garage may seem like the last place you should hang clothes, but what about the jacket or overalls you wear only for messy work like gardening or painting? The garage is definitely the best place for them!24b123818c1bb45d89d07fe36d6d02b4


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