Tips on decorating your outdoor space

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Tips on decorating your outdoor space

Come summer, we all want to make the most of our yard. And if you love entertaining, you’ll appreciate an inviting, lounge-worthy space even more. Here are some decorating tips to help make your backyard beautiful.

Set up a BBQ area

Barbecuing is an art in itself! Carry on this summer tradition proudly by creating a dedicated space for it. Ideally, everything you need should be within reach: your tools, gas or charcoal, etc. When you set up this space, think practical. If it’s near a wall, you can install a storage shelf for all your equipment.

Why not make it an outdoor kitchen?

If you want to take your hosting skills to the next level, an outdoor kitchen will be your best bet. For a kitchen that adapts to any weather, opt for polyurea flooring. Surfacex floor coverings are weather – and UV-resistant – and are easy to clean! You’ll need a counter for preparing salads and sides, storage for your utensils, and your BBQ nook of course.

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A cement walkway

A cement walkway makes it easy to enter the house without dragging in dirt, especially if you have kids. It also creates a space for kids to enjoy biking, jump rope, and other outdoor games. Plus, it lets you access outdoor amenities – like a pool, garage or workshop – without damaging your lawn. Ask your Surfacex flooring specialist for more information on cement walkways.

Create an oasis of relaxation

The most pleasant of tasks is creating a space where you can relax on weekends or after a long day at work. For maximum comfort, make it an outdoor living room with a couch and cozy armchairs. You’ll just need to store them away at night to avoid humidity damage. You could also string up a hammock between two trees for the ultimate in relaxation.

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