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Is it time to give your patio a facelift? Great idea! Much of our summer is spent outdoors. We look forward to working in the yard, relaxing in the shade of a tree and enjoying barbecues with friends or family, so you’re wise to focus on this aspect of your home. The success of your renovation project will largely depend on the quality of the surface you choose, as this will dictate your level of comfort and safety. The surface coatings available at Surfacex offer a number of advantages.

A non-skid patio floor…

Many homeowners have backyard pools, and more often than not, there’s a patio adjacent to the pool. Surfacex coatings are safe and non-skid, making them an excellent choice if you have children. An accident can occur in the blink of an eye in the excitement of a summer’s day, and this risk increases when feet are wet. To say nothing of the dangers of winter ice – another very good reason to choose a Surfacex non-skid coating.

 …easy to clean

Cleaning outdoor surfaces can be quite enjoyable in warm weather, but once the mercury drops, this task becomes a chore. A Surfacex exterior coating is easy to maintain; debris and dust never collect on it or work their way into it. Wooden decks have the drawback of being high maintenance, as the wood must be varnished to protect it from the elements. And because varnishes tend to peel, this upkeep must be repeated every two years or so. Of course, the wood surface must also first be sanded and scrupulously cleaned before the new coat of varnish is applied. All of these worries can be done away with when you choose Surfacex, saving you time, energy and money!

… and looking impressive!

Surfacex offers a wide range of colours, finishes and textures for your patio. You can also customize your coating by electing to mix two or even three different shades. Take a look at the many Surfacex colour options, and start imagining the patio of your dreams

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