Because our surface coatings are adapted to the rigours of the Quebec climate, Surfacex is also an ideal option for outside the home. In fact, the small revolution that Surfacex has created in the residential sector in recent years is having a big impact on veranda and patio projects and much more. In addition to outdoor steps, for example, we’re also called upon by customers across Quebec to apply concrete coating to swimming pool borders.


Quebec is famous for its deep freezes and quick thaws. Exterior surfaces take the brunt of these constant fluctuations and can deteriorate if not treated with the right coating. That’s why Surfacex offers elastomer-based products that have been designed with the outdoors in mind. They’re waterproof, highly flexible, and resistant to scratches and variations in temperature. Come summer, our coatings are also impervious to UV rays, so their colours remain uniform and attractive.

Accident prevention

Exterior coatings installed by Surfacex offer another key advantage: they’re non-skid. This means that when you’re out shovelling after a snowstorm, you’ll reduce your risk of accidents and falls on your veranda, patio or outdoor steps. You’ll also appreciate this feature in summer, as the edging around your pool will repel water and lessen the risk of slips and falls. In other words, Surfacex delivers peace of mind year-round!

The right choice…For all seasons

There are plenty of good reasons to turn to Surfacex for your exterior coatings. To learn more, please contact the franchisee nearest you in Greater Montreal, on the South Shore and North Shore, and elsewhere in Quebec.


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