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A concrete floor in either a polyurea or epoxy finish is an excellent choice for several reasons: it is heavy duty, resistant to corrosive chemicals, durable, and low maintenance. On top of its functionality, however, a concrete floor is also aesthetic. It adds a distinctive and undeniable charm to any room. Here are some tips on how to best showcase your concrete floor.

Go minimalist with your décor

A concrete floor can be a decorative element on its own. Its smooth uniform surface illuminates a space and can make it feel larger. For a contemporary feel, don’t crowd your space with furniture or artwork. When it comes to magazine-worthy style, less is sometimes more.

Use colour and plants to add warmth

Concrete is a raw material that can appear cold in a relatively empty space. To counter this impression, add plants and splashes of warm colour. A Persian or shag rug will make your space feel warm and inviting.

This is especially true in the basement. In fact, this room often lacks luminosity. Choose lighter shades for your walls and warmer colours for your fabrics to brighten up the space. A concrete floor will tie the whole look together perfectly and is easy to maintain.

Salon contemporain agrémenté d'un sol en époxy

Beautiful living room with concrete floor

Shop garage sales

 Concrete floors are in vogue right now. They’re popular for their contemporary feel and industrial look and go particularly well with raw materials like metal, wood, and copper. One hallmark of the industrial trend is materials showing some wear and tear, like rusted iron or blackened copper. It’s why second-hand furniture and accessories – the staples of garage sales, second-hand markets, and auctions – are great buys.

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