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The basement is one of the least used areas of the house, but it’s also one of the most practical. It can fulfill any number of needs: laundry room, storage area, guest room, game room, television room, and more. The main drawback is that the basement is often very humid and therefore may encourage the growth of mould, which is both unsightly and very unhealthy. Impermeability should therefore be your first criterion when the time comes to deciding on a new basement floor.

Checking the degree of humidity

As an initial step, the degree of humidity of your existing basement floor should be checked to determine which solution is best suited to your home. Have this verification done by a flooring expert such as Surfacex.

Selecting the right flooring product

For your basement, Surfacex offers several waterproof options that guarantee a mould-resistant floor. Our polymer-based coatings are your assurance of a completely smooth, easy-to-maintain surface that will repel both water and stains.

  • Epoxy basement flooring: sought after for its aesthetic qualities.
  • Polyurea basement flooring: widely recognized for its durability and resistance.

The high quality of our polymer-based products, combined with our know-how, guarantees you of a warm, inviting, easy-to-maintain basement floor that’s stain-resistant and protects you from mould and mildew.

Personalizing your basement floor

Maybe heading to the basement is something you avoid, either because it’s uninviting or the décor is not to your taste. As with all other areas of the house, a basement should be warm and welcoming. Surfacex offers you many ways to personalize and enhance your basement flooring:

  • Vinyl chips add a contemporary and colourful touch to your floor. Take a look at the many colours and textures we offer.
  • The application of a transparent polymer gives your floor a lustrous finish.

Whatever option you choose, your Surfacex floor coating expert promises an attractive, watertight and durable basement floor.

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