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Polymer flooring solutions are flourishing in the residential sector. Sought after for their water-repellant and durable qualities, they are already widely used in garages and bathrooms and are being increasingly introduced into other areas of the house, such as living rooms and kitchens, where their contemporary look is making them very popular among young homeowners.

A concrete product!

With its solidity, impermeability and ability to stand up to intensive use, polymer concrete flooring has long been a staple in the industrial sector. Factory floors, for example, must be able to support heavy machinery and withstand oil and sometimes chemical leaks. Polymer flooring is an excellent choice for all of these reasons. It is also waterproof and resistant to shocks, abrasion and corrosives, so it’s hardly surprising that many people now turn to it for their garage and bathroom floors.

 The cachet of polymer flooring

Not only are they highly functional, Polymer floors have also become the latest flooring trend. They immediately add style to a room by giving it an “industrial chic” or contemporary look. Epoxy is particularly appreciated, as this oil-based polymer product delivers impeccable finishes. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, it offers proven durability and water-resistance. Homeowners also love its ease of maintenance, as its smooth texture and surface repel dust. And it never requires specific treatments or upkeep.

The flooring pros

Specializing in polymer concrete flooring, Surfacex provides services to all sectors: commercial, industrial and residential. The handling of industrial products such as epoxy requires knowledge and care. Certain guidelines must be followed to ensure the floor’s long-term uniformity and durability. When an epoxy floor is laid, if the concrete surface is not adequately sanded, the floor coating may not adhere correctly. That’s why calling on a team of professionals like the experts at Surfacex is a must.


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