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When you think of a garage, you probably picture an area cluttered with tools and equipment. In fact, your garage should be an organized space where you can easily locate what you need.


What is the best way to organize your garage?

  1. Sort your belongings

You need to start the process by separating the things you never use from essential items. Why not recycle or re-purpose your unwanted goods by donating them to organizations that collect appliances, furniture, bikes and other items for reuse? For information, contact your municipality or check out the Recyc-Québec website (French only). You’ll also find a list of drop-off sites for construction material, paint cans, old tires, and more.

2.    Organize intelligently

Arrange the items in your garage by category or type of activity (gardening, car maintenance, hobbies, sports, etc.) so you can quickly locate what you want when you want it.

3.    Maximize space

Use space efficiently with the help of toolboxes on wheels or low cupboards—these do double duty as work benches and storage space. You can also use opaque plastic bins for items you want to keep out of sight, and clear ones for items you want to spot quickly. For child safety, opt for lockable cabinets for chemical products and hazardous objects.

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Tips: Maximize your walls and ceiling

There are many simple storage solutions for garage walls, such as:

  • Wall shelving and storage bins: Not only do they increase your space (reducing the amount of floor space needed for storage by 50%), they are also heavy‑duty and allow you to easily locate your belongings. You can find examples on the LesPAC website or at local superstores.
  • Hooks and pegboard walls: You can attach hooks directly to the garage wall or insert them into pegboard panelling—a great way to store smaller items.
  • Overhead storage: If your ceiling height allows, take advantage of the unused ceiling space by installing storage solutions such as plastic bins placed on hanging racks.

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In short, there are many different ways you can organize your garage, but the most important thing is to set up a system that fits your lifestyle.

For people who enjoy DIY projects, storage space for tools and other equipment will be a priority, while sporty types will likely be more interested in a rack for hanging bikes.

If, after your spring cleaning, you notice that your floor needs some TLC—or a completely new look—contact the Surfacex team to find out how you can equip your garage with a concrete floor that is attractive, durable and easy to maintain.

Happy organizing!

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