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An essential element for every foundation, your floor supports just about everything. It is the broad shoulders that support your home! Regardless of its function or placement, it goes without saying that you need to maintain it so that it can support your home for as long as possible! 

Most of the time, a concrete floor covering will protect it from stains and camouflage its imperfections, making your space more attractive. With this in mind there are some essential ways to protect your floor and some things that must be avoided at all costs!

Maintenance advice for cleaning and protecting your concrete floor

  • Occasionally check to make sure that there is no external debris on your floor.
  • Regularly vacuum your floor to remove the dust and dirt that may have accumulated.
  • For home garages, wash the floors once a month with soapy water (use a soap with a neutral PH or an organic cleaning product). You can also use water and vinegar. You’ll be surprised how well it works!
  • For commercial floors, we recommend using a zamboni once every three months. However, for smaller surfaces, a pressure washer is also an excellent way to remove stains and ingrained dirt if necessary (oils, resins, mud, tar, gas, rust, glue, soot, etc.).

Things to AVOID when cleaning your floor 

  • Never use regular household soap because it can make your floor dangerously slippery and it will leave a thin film of residue that can tarnish the surface of the floor over time.
  • Never use ammonia, bleaching agents such as Javex, caustic soda, acid or any other chemical products because concrete is not resistant to these types of products and over time they will wear away the surface of your floor.

 Some suggestions to make you happy

If you’re a clean freak, or you are the type of person who immediately sees stains, we recommend opting for a coloured floor. Of course, if you choose a very pale or very dark colour for your flooring, the dirt will tend to stand out more. For this reason, we recommend choosing a more neutral colour with a small pattern or texture. Surfacex has a wide range of colours and textures available according to the type of design you are looking for.

Surfacex products mean easy maintenance

Surfacex concrete floor coverings look better than ever, appear dust-free and are easy to clean and maintain. Some of their characteristics include better durability, impermeability, impact and scratch resistance, and they won’t discolour.

 For commercial, industrial and institutional concrete floor coverings, our products offer better resistance to shock, heavy machinery and repeated use by clients and employees. They are also excellent at resisting solvents, corrosive chemical products, oil and gas.

We hope that this information will help you clean and maintain your floor. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are always happy to respond to your questions! 

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