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Noisy, unsightly and smelly electric baseboards are over! Unlike traditional systems, heated floors become warmer than air and diffuse heat towards the walls and the ceiling, favouring homogeneous distribution. Concrete floors are perfectly suited to this heating system, as they are excellent conductors of heat. Combined with a floor covering composed of epoxy or polyurea, a radiant floor will provide you with absolute comfort.

What type of floor heating?

Invisible and silent, heated floors can be used in all rooms of the house, including the kitchen and the bathroom. They are particularly appreciated in the basement, an area that is often difficult to heat.

There are several types of heated floor systems, the most used being the electric radiant floor, which requires electrical connections, and the hydronic radiant floor, which works with hot water and can be used as central heating.

Installing a heated floor

The best time to undertake this kind of work is during renovations, when planning to replace your floor, or even when building a new house.

For electric radiant floors, the connections must be made by a licensed electrician, as only this specialist is authorized to carry out electrical work in a building. Also, doing it yourself may cancel your warranty on the product.

A heated floor can be installed on a concrete slab, a mortar bed, smooth concrete, or concrete panels. The important thing is that this base is well insulated, to prevent the heat from dissipating and heating costs from increasing. Before proceeding to the final stage of the recovery, our team of technicians uses a diamond grinder to sand and open the pores of the concrete screed covering the heated floor. The self-leveling cement that covers the wiring must be thick enough (more than half an inch thick) so as not to disturb the electric wires.

Choose a heated floor with an epoxy or polyurea cover for unmatched comfort and well-being at home.

For more information on our concrete floor covering products, please contact one of our floor covering specialists who will be pleased to help you.

More information on heated floors: https://www.protegez-vous.ca/Home/plancher-chauffant

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