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The spookiest day of the year is sneaking quickly up on us. Business- and home-owners alike are vying to give both kids and adults a goosebump-inducing experience. Have you thought about decorating your floor for the big day? Here are some easy ways to dress up your floor to spine-chilling effect!

  1. Turn your garage into a creepy crime scene

This one’s so simple it’s unnerving! All you need is adhesive tape or washable paint. Ask a friend to lie down on the floor and trace the outline of his or her silhouette with the tape or paint. To add to the crime scene effect, cordon off the perimeter with black-and-yellow police tape.


  1. Hide a monster under your rug

Pretend that a monster is hiding beneath a rug, ready to grab at the feet of anyone who steps on it. Just slide a pillow or stuffed object underneath the rug, and let a “tail” stick out. You can craft the tail from a plastic tube and modelling paste, for example.



  1. Leave some bloody footprints

Here’s a blood-curdlingly good way to scare your guests! It also works perfectly with the crime scene idea above. Dip your feet in washable red paint and walk around your floor. You can cut out large sponges to make the footprints if you don’t want to soil your shoes or make too much of a mess.


  1. Make your staircase come to life

Does your home have a staircase? Draw and cut out cardboard silhouettes of rats, pumpkins, or skeletons, making sure they match the height of each step, and then prop them up at the base of each step to create a mini horror reel when people go upstairs.


  1. Pile up some (fake) human bones

You’ll find them in any Halloween costume and decoration store! For a truly ghastly effect, make a pile of fake human bones in a corner and add layers of frayed cotton to imitate cobwebs.t2ec16jgfibofbjswbsvcougq-q60_35

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