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It goes without saying that commercial and industrial floors must meet very specific needs. A factory floor has to withstand the weight of heavy machinery, while the floor of a restaurant kitchen must be non-skid and easy to clean. Surfacex flooring has the distinct advantage of being able to fulfill all of these requirements at the same time.

Proven resilience

Polymer-based floor coatings are widely recognized for their resilient qualities, and Surfacex floors are no exception. Concrete floors withstand:

  • shocks and the weight of heavy machinery
  • high traffic
  • corrosive chemical products
  • solvents, oil and gasoline.

At Surfacex, our innovative approach enables us to counter all types of wear and tear. We’re also experts in floor coatings for environments that are subject to extreme temperature variations, such as factories that produce or process chemicals.

Safety first

Protecting the safety of your employees is vital. Some workplaces have extremely high traffic, and when focusing on tight deadlines, people may tend to be less attentive. Many falls and accidents can be prevented with an anti-skid floor! Our surfaces are safe and non-slip.

Ease of maintenance

In a work environment, ideal operating conditions help advance the company’s objectives. At Surfacex, we’ve made it our business to develop flooring that can be cleaned easily and quickly. In fact, our floor coatings require no special cleaning products – a simple mopping or sponging down will do. And because our floors are waterproof, they won’t stain. You can even wash the surface using an excess of water and remove the surplus with a squeegee or scraper.

Unmatched durability

Because we know that commercial flooring represents a major investment, at Surfacex we use products recognized for their durability. Our sanding and finishing processes also ensure the longevity of your flooring, delivering peace of mind for years to come!


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